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Fridababy On The
Shelf Branding. 

On-shelf marketing helps newborn brand
Fridababy grow up.

When Fridababy came onto the scene, they had a daunting task: how to get new parents to trust a new brand in a landscape cluttered with familiar brand names. We worked with the Fridababy team to establish an honest and relatable tone of voice that stood out from the pastels and cutesy patterns of their peers. Because the products themselves are unique, we had to tell a convincing visual story that turned cautiously skeptical parents into true brand believers.  


Branding, Photography, Trade Show Design, Social Media 





Making Fridababy a parent's best friend. From tradeshows to on-shelf, 500 established a look and tone that resonated with parents across all CPG. The result helped the brand stand out in a sea of sameness and gain a foothold in a marketplace crowded with competitors.

Fridababy display
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