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"Tapping" Into A
New Market.

How rebranding Bacardí’s Hatuey Lager encouraged
beer lovers to raise a glass.

Bacardí isn’t synonymous with beer–yet. So when they approached us to rebrand their Hatuey Lager, we jumped at the chance to drive up consumer awareness. By tapping into the brand’s legendary heritage, we created a powerful visual story across all touchpoints. Happy hour, anyone?


Branding, Product Introduction, Social Media, Public Relations


Hatuey, Bacardí

Hatuey Beer mugs
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Bacardí challenged our team to create a “modern take on tradition”. Instead of taking the ask at face-value, our team dug deep to understand the history of the brand. By embodying Chief Hatuey within the new branding, we reinforced the strength of the brand without abandoning the core. The stoic side profile, formidable shape and prominent branding made the Hatuey handle stand-out. If you were looking for a flavor with punch, Hatuey was clearly coming across strong.

Hatuey Beer brand
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