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Good Timing.

Creating seasonal in-store experiences that clocked big engagement for Swatch.

If you don’t remember the Swatch craze of the 80s, just know this: people used to wear disguises to get around the one watch per customer rule caused by high demand. The company was also responsible for “watch wardrobing” – the phenomenon of coordinating different watches with clothes as a fashion statement. Today, no one is wearing a fake mustache to buy multiple Swatches, but the company is still known for selling big, bold colors and whimsical designs of the moment. That’s where 500 came in. We did for storefronts what Swatch did for people's wrists–designing vibrant, engaging pieces to coordinate with the mood of the season. You could call us the storefront wardrober, we’d be okay with that.


Branding, Photography, On-Premise Merchandising, Social Media 



Swatch store exterior


Timing is everything for instore activations. We designed and redesigned hundreds of storefronts each season, creating a buzz around the latest Swatch merch. Taking a cue from product colors and infusing seasonal elements translated into a compelling story consumers gravitated toward. 

Swatch Flower Graphic
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