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Good Things Come In Every Package.

New CPG from Tim Hortons gets the 500 treatment.

What stands out on a shelf filled with similar products is all in the packaging. A mix of brand name recognition, imagery or iconography, color, and claims made visible at a glance and working in concert to say “Pick me!” For the launch of several Tim Hortons consumer packaged goods, we developed the look that checked all of those boxes, and then some.


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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Coffee Bar Dark Roast


Tim Hortons took a while to toe-dip into retail. We knew that the taste experience would pay-off the purchase, but first we had to get them to choose us from shelves packed with competing products. Our team’s retail roll-out effectively translated a drive-thru brand into a billboard on-shelf and ultimately contributed to the development of 8 new retail SKUs within a one-year period and expansion into a robust global retailer network.

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