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A Brand For
All Seasons.

From ugly sweaters to Easter eggs, how 500 helped Tim Hortons win during the holidays.

Building brand buzz any time of year is a challenge, but it’s especially competitive during the holidays. It takes a unique idea perfectly executed to stand out among all the seasonal kitsch. For Tim Hortons, we’ve turned the ugly-sweater-for-Christmas gimmick into a new holiday tradition that had people lined up at the door, created a whole line of seasonally relevant Timbits characters and so much more. 


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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Seasonal Activation


A market-disrupting idea on a budget? No problem. Our innovative approach to Tim Hortons seasonal stunts underscores that big ideas don’t have to translate to bank-breaking budgets. Capitalizing on underlying guest sentiments, we developed holiday collateral that connected with a human truth. This led to buzz-worthy holiday stunts that gained social traction, prompted purchase and elicited FOMO for guests who were too slow to get in.

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